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In 1865 the Kalaupapa peninsula on Moloka`i was chosen by the kingdom of Hawai`i as the place of exile for Hansen's disease (also known as leprosy) patients. Since 1866, more than 8000 people, mostly Hawaiians, have died at Kalaupapa. Kalaupapa is now a place of refuge for the few remaining cured residents who were once forced into isolation.

There are only three ways into Kalaupapa, the trail, a boat, and air. Kalaupapa is still a restricted area, and a permit or purchase of the tour must be obtained before entering Kalawao county. Currently, the trail is closed due to a landslide, and the only way in is by air.

We are working with Kekaula Tours so please email us for more information.

We will keep the site updated on the status of the trail.


We will keep you updated on the trail. Right now the only way is to fly in and you can contact Kalaupapa Rare Adventures directly for the flights and tours.