Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling


Molokai has the longest fringing reef in the US, and paddling downwind is super fun. We are only doing private tours

We are the one place that loves the wind when it comes to SUP!

8.5 miles SUP Downwinder or Kayak


Let the wind blow you down the reef and take the magic carpet ride! The paddle tales you along the longest fringing reef in the US. This course is part of our world famous Molokai Holokai course. SUP is only available with a 1 ft and higher tide

What better than in Hawaii!

Do you ever think that when it is windy, it is no fun for SUP?
We love the wind, so maybe try our downwinder?

We start mid morning around 10 am or mid afternoon around 3pm based on tides and of course the wind!

We do mix the SUPS and Kayak tours together

Molokai has the longest fringing reef and we will take you on our world famous course of the Molokai Holokai that happens every July.

SUP along the longest fringing reef in the USA


Paddle our Molokai Holokai course, an annual paddle event held on Molokai.


What a way to start the day!

Sunrise SUP

Tide Permitting

Get out there with the turtles and enjoy some tranquility on the ocean. Take an early dip into our special swim spot and wake up to the day!

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From September to March we have our sunrise tours where you can watch the sun setting as you paddle into Hotel Molokai. This is tide permitting for SUP. If the tide is too low we offer kayak as an alternative.
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Molokai can boast some of the best sunsets in the winter months with the most amazing colors on the water and in the sky!

Sunset SUP


This is tide permitting and not offered every week. The alternative is a kayak sunset which we can do in very low tides.

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