Molokai Outdoors

A locally owned company since 1999

Molokai Outdoor Activities (MOA/Molokai Outdoors) mission is to provide visitors with an experience on Molokai that will entertain and educate them about the things that make our island special. We offer a combination activities that include culture, education, and fun to share our way of life on Molokai. It is the intent of MOA to bring a unique and rich experience to the island visitor.

Our goal is to stimulate the local economy and offer our guests a unique experience without being intrusive to the lifestyle of the island residents.

Molokai Outdoors is local Molokai, Hawaii company with a goal to offer the visitor a fun time while on vacation and show the real Hawaii. We are pleased to help you learn and understand the Hawaiian culture.

Molokai Outdoor Activities (MOA) was first conceived at Thanksgiving of 1998. It was our vision to have an activity and rental business that could help the youth with ocean and land activities while working within the community to create much needed jobs and stimulate the local businesses through the customers of MOA. It was also our vision to be culturally sensitive to the needs of the community, and to give back to the youth on Molokai.

We have been in business for 21 years so 2020 is a very special year. We are officially the longest running PUC transportation and car rental company! (not counting the school buses).

We are 20 mins from the hotel at a temporary location , a few minutes from Hotel Molokai. Currently we meet people with reservations and are using Hiro's Bar and Grill white tent located at Hotel Molokai as our staging area for all tours. We also will meet you at the airport so please give correct arrival times. Please be sure to call us 1-808-633-8700